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Industrial insulation: how to choose the right product

Working closely with key sector players, ISOVER has developed a wide range of solutions from industrial pipe insulation to wired mats offering thermal, fire, sound and corrosion protection for any industrial application from power generation to oil & gas and the process industry. 


Our industrial insulation solutions provide the different project stakeholders with a safe, comfortable and sustainable answer to their specific needs, whether insulating cryogenic tanks, process pipelines, vessels, special equipment or high-temperature boilers : 
  • End-users and plant operators: sustainably meet process safety and personal protection requirements
  • Planners and designers: help plan and optimise the insulation system design in terms of cost and efficiency
  • Installers and contractors: high-performing, cost-efficient and easy-to-use insulation solutions 
  • Technical insulation distributors: reduce transport and storage space, costs and energy to improve service time and reduce capital costs
What kind of industrial insulation is most effective? 
To meet your evolving needs, we’ve developed a wide selection of industrial insulation products. The TECH range offers you high-quality insulation materials for different uses and temperatures, ranging from light, flexible glasswool to mechanically resistant stonewool and our latest innovation, lightweight and highly compressible ULTIMATE mineral wool. 
Industrial insulation adapted to your project
Insulation is required for safety and security, to reduce heat loss and make processes more sustainable. All our insulation materials – whether used for industrial pipe insulation, slabs or wired mats - combine an array of advantages to meet these needs.
  • Thermal insulation: optimum thermal conductivity for each application and temperature - ISOVER industrial insulation products in Europe are CE marked according to the EN 14303 standard for mineral wool insulation.
  • Fire reaction: best-in-class fire safety properties (Euroclass Group A): non-combustible, non-flammable, flashover, minimal smoke and toxic gases. 
  • Sound insulation: high levels of attenuation thanks to high longitudinal air-flow resistance (up to >100 kPas/ m2) and uniform porosity (93-99%).
  • Fast installation: these lighter, thinner insulation products involve simple mechanical fixing with no need to use glue and are easy to compress and adapt to different geometries. 
  • Sustainable performance: ISOVER mineral wool is biosoluble with no health risks, as well as being EUCEB and/or RAL certified. Our insulation products save up to 250 times the energy needed during production.
  • Corrosion protection: all our industrial insulation products are low in chlorides and, for outdoor use, hydrophobic and non-hygroscopic to limit potential water absorption.
Industrial insulation for high temperatures
Combining the advantages of glasswool and stonewool, ULTIMATE mineral wool is efficient, light and compressible providing higher levels of insulation at lower thicknesses. The U Tech range guarantees high performance and efficiency due to outstanding lambda values at temperatures up to 700°C.
Up to 35%* increase in thermal performance
Up to 30%* savings in required insulation thickness
Up to 50%* savings in insulation weight
*compared to traditional stone wool insulation design


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Did you know…?
Drawing on 20+ years of R&D, ULTIMATE is a new-generation mineral wool with excellent sound, thermal and fire protection properties thanks to the unique fiberising method. Avoiding slugs and shot, it produces a completely converted high-quality fibre structure.
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ISOVER offers insulation solutions for thermal, fire, sound and corrosion protection for any industrial application no matter if in power generation, oil & gas or process industry. From cryogenic tanks to process pipelines and vessels to high-temperature boilers or special equipments.ISOVER solutions provide you with a safe, comfortable and sustainable answer to your project‘s specific needs.

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For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing insulation for key industry players. Find the perfect reference to inspire your project and see how our products can meet your needs. With a reputation for quality products and total commitment to customer satisfaction, ISOVER constantly works to improve not only the thermal performance of its insulation products but also the resources necessary to manufacture them.

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