Services & Tools

Calculation tools

Discover ClimCalC Dimension,  ClimCalC Acoustic v 2.0 and TechCalc 2.0 specially designed by ISOVER to help you in your modelisations and calculations


TechCalc 2.0: the advanced thermal calculation tool for industrial planners, specifiers and insulation contractors

TechCalc 2.0 enables you to design installations with best economic and environmental fit by calculating for example operational costs, CO2-savings, amortisation of insulation work and economic thickness calculations.


dBstation: The new acoustic simulator

With this simulation tool, you will experience how well insulation can insulate HVAC ducts and pipes against noise.


Quotech: the quotation tool that assists in calculating insulation surfaces and help you define the list of recommended products

This quotation tool will assist you in calculating insulation surfaces and help you define the list of recommended products.


Industry Acoustic Insulation Selector

Find the best sound insulation solution for your industrial pipework compliant with directives and regulations in force.


ClimCalC Acoustic v 2.0: the acoustic calculation software for HVAC installations

This acoustic calculation software will help you modelise the acoustic behaviour in an HVAC installation in a simple and efficient way.


ClimCalC Dimension: the Duct Dimension Calculation Software

ISOVER has developed this useful calculation tool to give you guidance on how to make the best of our CLIMAVER® Ducts range.


Fire Protection Planner

Calculate the right fire protection system for pipe penetrations through solid walls and ceilings and lightweight partition walls in just a few simple steps with the help of the fire protection planner.


Marine Solution Selector

Find the best ship insulation solution for steel, aluminium and composite divisions, bulkhead and deck applications, and the required fire class, in a few clicks.