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TechCalc 2.0 - Thermal Calculation Software

ISOVER has designed an advanced thermal calculation tool to help industrial planners, specifiers and insulation contractors.

For personal safety, process security and energy efficiency in Industry, HVAC and Marine applications

TechCalc 2.0 is an easy to handle, reliable and efficient tool for all kind of thermal calculations in technical insulation related applications such as HVAC piping and ducting, industry process equipments or even Marine and Offshore installations.

TechCalc 2.0 enables you to design installations with best economic and environmental fit by calculating for example operational costs, CO² -savings, amortisation of insulation work and economic thickness calculations.


  • Calculation procedures according to ISO standard 12241 and other supporting engineering rules and guidelines such as VDI 2055.

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface

  • Adapted to mobile devices (iOS and Android)

  • Supporting country open databases

  • Available in different languages

  • Life-time support

 ... and much more!


Calculation methods - All included in TechCalc 2.0

For each task you have concerning thermal insulation design, TechCalc 2.0 provides you the right calculation method and the right solution:




6 profiles are available, and allow to cover all shapes such as pipes, ducts, walls, spheric, cylindrical or cubical tanks / equipments.