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ISOVER Technical Insulation applications

The most appropriate technical insulation applications for your project

To meet the complex insulation needs of our customers in different technical markets, Saint-Gobain has created a specialized branch, ISOVER Technical Insulation. Focusing on sustainability and innovation, in line with Saint-Gobain’s strategic priorities, these technical insulation solutions provide high levels of thermal, fire and sound protection for all technical markets. 

Successfully integrated into various projects, from refineries to power plants and cruise ships, ISOVER Technical Insulation meets an array of different needs from high-temperature insulation applications to small or complex geometries. Each project is unique. This is why all our insulation solutions can be customised to cater for specific requirements.



Insulating the pipes and ducts protects a building from extreme temperatures and noise for a comfortable, healthy, safe, and quiet environment. In fully air-conditioned buildings, HVAC components represent up to 60% of the building’s overall energy use. Heat and cooling transferred through the duct or piping network therefore represent a significant source of energy loss, in turn leading to increased operating costs and temperature fluctuations.
All our HVAC (Heating and Plumbing, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) insulation solutions are designed with these needs in mind, whatever the building usage or characteristics. With the aim of improving thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as fire safety, our HVAC insulation solutions helps optimize the building performance in line with the latest regulations. 

Industrial Insulation applications

In complex, potentially hazardous industrial environments, it is essential to provide safe, comfortable and sustainable insulation solutions for specific needs, whether insulating cryogenic tanks, process pipelines, or high-temperature boilers. 

To achieve this, ISOVER has developed a wide range of industrial insulation solutions - from industrial pipe insulation to wired mats - offering high levels of thermal, fire, sound and corrosion protection for applications ranging from power generation to processing. 





Given the high level of risk and extreme conditions at sea, the shipbuilding industry sets demanding requirements for safety and comfort. The products and structures used must be fire tested and approved according to regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

For many Marine & Offshore applications, our mineral wool insulation solutions help fulfil strict IMO rules through innovative insulation solutions that contribute to a much more sustainable design. Whether for accommodation areas or technical installations, our marine & offshore insulation solutions has been certified for thermal insulation, fire and sound protection.

Automotive Insulation applications

All vehicles generate noise, heat and vibrations. This is not only disagreeable for the driver and people living or working on busy roads but can also lead to overheating with serious consequences for the vehicle including damage to essential components.
This is why ISOVER works closely with automotive industry to design more efficient and sustainable automotive insulation solutions. To optimise the acoustic and thermal efficiency, our components for engines and driver compartments are tailored to specific performance and space requirements.





Like other vehicles, trains produce significant noise, heat and vibrations. It is therefore important to find the right insulating solution for every component, from under the floors to the HVAC ducts, in line with local and European legislation.
To make this a reality, ISOVER has developed a dedicated eco-designed range for railway rolling stock and equipment. Combining high mechanical strength, good vibration resistance and flexibility with easy transportation and handling, these train insulation solutions have been used for decades across the industry including by major operators and builders like Alstom and SNCF.

Cooking oven Insulation applications

Kitchen oven designers are constantly looking for insulation materials that increase energy efficiency, prevent heat being transferred from the oven to kitchen furniture and ensure high levels of indoor air quality.

ISOVER has developed specific glass wool solutions that offer high thermal insulation performance at temperatures up to 550°C. Made from up to 80% recycled glass and locally sourced raw materials, our cooking oven insulation solutions can be used for any kind of oven.





Solar thermal collectors enable users to generate cheap hot water and cut the amount of energy needed for domestic heating. As the use of solar collectors grows, so do the challenges faced by producers. Insulation has proven to be an effective way to reduce thermal losses and maximise efficiency.
As solar energy continues to gain momentum, ISOVER has developed a dedicated solar insulation solutions range. These sustainable solar solutions offer high thermal performance, as well as being capable of operating at stagnation temperatures up to 250°C.

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