Insulation innovation

Insulation innovation

Innovations from Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation

Spanning every market, country and product, innovation is the driving force behind the comprehensive range of ISOVER technical insulation products. As an integral part of the Saint-Gobain Group, ISOVER has access to cutting-edge resources for fundamental and applied research, as well as 8 corporate research centres across the world. As one of the 5 Saint-Gobain attitudes, innovation is promoted at every stage from product manufacturing to new customer services.

Innovative insulation products: meeting evolving needs

We aim to develop more effective technical insulation solutions for a range of needs, from corrosion under insulation to fire resistance, acoustic and thermal performance. At the same time, the dimensions and weight of each product are optimised to facilitate storage, transportation and installation, and limit environmental impacts.
We co-develop solutions hand-in-hand with customers to make it easier to integrate the insulation systems, reach higher performance levels with advanced technologies and limit costs.

"Research and innovation are part of the identity of ISOVER…being part of the Saint-Gobain group provides tremendous resources for doing fundamental and applied research including 8 corporate research centres across the world."

Julien Thiéry, International Market Manager for OEM

ISOVER technical insulation: industry-leading solutions

"ULTIMATE is a unique solution that brings together the best of all mineral wool products."

Jorge Grimalt Carbonell, International Market Manager for Industry


    As a brand defined by its commitment to innovation, we continue to focus on sustainability and customer proximity. Leveraging the know-how of and synergies with other Saint-Gobain businesses, we adapt technical solutions to real customer problems. Innovation drives new and exciting technical insulation products that continuously expand our solution portfolio including:

    • ULTIMATE, a unique solution bringing together the best of all mineral wool products, which is up to 50% lighter than traditional stone wool

    • CRYOLENE, a family of products for LNG storage tank applications that retain their fibre elasticity over time at temperatures from -170°C to +120°C

    • SUPERINSULATION, a double layer solution for cooking ovens that reduces energy consumption by 15%

    Tomorrow’s technical insulation solutions

    Constantly investing in R&D, we strive to make technical insulation materials lighter, thinner, faster to install, more sustainable and with even better thermal and acoustical performance. Moving forwards, these technical insulation solutions will be increasingly integrated from the beginning of the design phase using plug-in systems that are fully recyclable and can be easily replaced for maintenance.

    "Innovation continues to be the driver with new and exciting insulation products continuously expanding our portfolio with solutions that are thinner, lighter and easier to install with even better performance."

    Mikko Ropponen, International Market Manager - HVAC