Sound Insulation for Industry

Noise insulation problems

Industrial sound insulation: how to reduce noise levels

Many industrial installations work at high pressure with fast moving media and turbulence. Specifiers therefore have to deal with a full spectrum of noise problems to protect the hearing of personnel and reduce ambient sound particularly in highly populated urban areas. Opting for the right system design and adapted acoustic insulation materials is therefore essential.



Did you know…?

Special facings, like black glass tissue and glass fabric, are also available on request if you require even higher acoustic absorption and mechanical stability.

High-performance acoustic insulation solutions

To optimise acoustic protection, ISOVER has developed a wide range of glass wool, stone wool and innovative ULTIMATE™ mineral wool solutions.

Our mineral wool is characterised by:

  • high longitudinal air-flow resistance (up to >100 k Pa·s/m2)

  • uniform porosity (93-99%)

  • low dynamic toughness

  • low modulus of elasticity


These characteristics result in high sound-attenuation levels, far superior to other acoustic insulation materials like plastic foam.

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Excellent sound absorption properties

ISOVER mineral wool products absorb up to 95% of sound energy at certain frequencies. With ULTIMATE™ U TECH, this can be achieved with acoustic insulation materials weighing up to 50% less than traditional stone wool, for example in exhaust gas and desulphurisation equipment.


Superior sound reduction performance

In noisy work areas, we also provide sound-reducing techniques to complement our sound absorption insulation. Sound-reducing constructions using the “mass-spring-mass principle” and sound capsules are particularly effective at reducing noise emissions from industrial processes.

Combined performance: fire and thermal protection

Industrial insulation products for acoustic purposes often have to fulfil a range of performance requirements including thermal insulation and fire protection. This is why ISOVER solutions also offer best-in-class fire safety properties (Euroclass Group A) and high thermal performance.

Lightweight and flexible for easy installation

Installing your acoustic insulation can be particularly challenging when your equipment is close together. ULTIMATE™ achieves identical industrial sound insulation performance at only about half the weight of commercial stone wool, or alternatively at half the thickness.