U TECH Pipe Section Mat MT 7.0 G1

U TECH Pipe Section Mat MT 7.0 G1

U TECH Pipe Section Mat MT 7.0 G1



The ULTIMATE solution for efficient large-diameter industry pipe insulation

ULTIMATE U TECH PipeSectionMat (PSM) MT 7.0 G1 is the ultra-efficient and fast solution to insulate large-diameter industry process pipelines with external diameters greater or equal than 324 mm (12") with a maximum service temperature of 620°C. The length and the V-shaped cuts of the PSM are adapted to the final diameter and thickness of the pipe insulation, leaving no thermal bridges once installed. A glass woven fabric facing improves the mechanical resistance during and after installation.

The product is delivered space-saving flat on pallets, but can be ordered like a pipe section indicating diameter, thickness and linear meter of pipe insulation. Pre-cutted parts to form elbows and connections are available on request.

U TECH PSM MT 7.0 G1 is produced in AS-Quality (CL- <=10ppm) for usage in contact with austenitic steel pipes. On request with black glass fabric (G1).

Product Performances & Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Service Temperatures
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Thin Solution
  • Fire Reaction
  • Environmental Protection


Technical characteristics in compliance with applicable regulations.This section features all the technical characteristics required for references standards: EN 14707, ASTM C411, EN 12667, ISO 8497, ISO 10456, EN 13501-1, AGI Q 132, EN 13468, ASTM C795, EN 1609, DIN 4140, EN 14303 and ISO 9001.

Thermal conductivities



100 150 200 300 400 500 600

λD [W / (m.k)]  Ø ≥ 500 mm

0.040 0.046 0.054 0.070 0.091 0.116 0.146
λD [W / (m.k)] Ø < 500 mm 0.038 0.045 0.054 0.065 0.092 - - -

Maximum Service Temperature

Tmax = 620 °C under 500 Pa
Tmax = 700 °C

Specific Thermal capacity

1,03 [kJ/(kg•K)]

Behaviour in fire

Non combustible; Euroclass A1L

Chemical behaviour

  • AS-Quality
  • Leachable chloride content less than 10 ppm (CL10)
  • Do not contribute to corrosion of stainless steel
  • No short term water absorption by partial immersion (WS1)


On request:

Black glass fabric facing (G1)

Other information

Quality, Health & Environment

  • CE-marked according to EN 14303
  • ISOVER is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001