Thermal Insulation for Industry

Industry insulation performance check

Whatever kind of thermal insulation materials you need, whether for a power plant or refinery, ISOVER TECH provides safe, comfortable and sustainable solutions for different applications ranging from pipework to cooling tanks and boilers.



Why invest in high-quality thermal insulation materials?

​Effective thermal insulation plays an important role in your industrial processes:  

  • Protect staff from contact injuries and skin burns
  • Reduce your environmental impact including CO2 emissions
  • Maintain temperature limits in your industrial processes 
  • Reduce heat loss/gain and therefore the amount of energy you need

What kind of industrial thermal insulation is most effective?

The ISOVER TECH product range is designed to give you optimum thermal conductivity for each application and temperature, as well as : 

  • Effective fire protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Easy installation and transport (lightweight & compressible)
  • Optimised industrial acoustic insulation 
  • Bespoke solutions for special applications




Did you know…?

Innovating in industrial thermal insulation: U Tech

Thermal conductivity (λ) is directly related to energy efficiency - the lower a product’s thermal conductivity, the better its ability to prevent heat flow. This means it is more efficient at preventing heat loss (or heat gain in refrigerated systems).
With U TECH, benefit from a unique product range for higher thermal efficiency at higher temperatures versus traditional stonewool solutions. 
With significantly lower thermal conductivity values, U TECH provides:

up to 35% better thermal efficiency
up to 30% less insulation thickness
up to 50% weight savings