Tanks and vessels insulation

​Storage tanks and vessels in industry need effective insulation

Storage tanks and vessels in industry are as variable in size, shape and media temperature as the processes they support. However, they all have one thing in common - the need for effective insulation that meets all of the requirements of the process in terms of maintaining stability, preserving heat and cold, and satisfying all safety requirements, such as protecting personnel from hot or cold surfaces.
Isover U Tech Range

Tanks and vessels - ISOVER insulation solutions for conserving heat and cold

ISOVER offers a wide choice of mineral wool materials, including ULTIMATE, glass wool and stone wool - each providing a range of different qualities and performance levels to meet specific environmental and customer needs. For high levels of energy efficiency in tank walls and roofs, especially at higher temperatures, Isover offers the ULTIMATE U Tech slab and roll range that significantly reduce heat loss, weight and space requirements.

The ISOVER range of high density stone wool slabs and lamella mats offer high mechanical strength with service temperature up to 700°C. They avoid the need for additional support structures and therefore eliminate unnecessary thermal bridges.

For thermal and acoustic insulation of vessels at temperatures up to 260°C, especially tank walls, ISOVER's lightweight range of industrial glass wool slabs, crimped rolls and lamella mats. are the perfect solution.

With Cryolene, ISOVER has developed a special product for cryogenic applications, such as LNG tanks, which ensures excellent thermal protection while retaining mechanical flexibility, even at very low temperatures.

No matter which ISOVER product you choose to thermally insulate your pipes and tanks, acoustic insulation and fire protection are automatically included - all ISOVER products are non-combustible and offer low air permeability for improved acoustics. And if corrosion is a concern on stainless steel surfaces, choose ISOVER AS-Quality products with hydrophobic and water repellent properties and low chloride content to reduce the risk of corrosion under the insulation (CUI).

Finally there is a selection of different facings, such as reinforced aluminium foil or non-woven glass tissue, to complete the product range.

So whatever your requirement, ISOVER has the right solution for you.

Tank walls - ISOVER solutions for lightweight, efficient constructions for standard temperatures

For the walls of tanks operating at continuous temperatures up to 250°C, ISOVER glass wool slabs offer the ideal solution, combining lightweight and efficient thermal insulation with acoustic insulation to reduce noise transmission.

Lightweight and quick to install, ISOVER glass wool slabs can be used with a range of different factory-applied or independent facings to provide enhanced performance in key areas such as mechanical strength, water/ humidity resistance and acoustics.

As well as the range of high performance slabs, ISOVER also offers light crimped and lamella mats for higher mechanical stability in tank wall constructions up to 400°C. Compression packaged in rolled form, they cut transport requirements, are easier to handle and reduce installation time with fewer joints to minimise thermal bridging. Their flexible structure also means they even adapt perfectly to fit curved and uneven tank wall surfaces.

For higher temperatures ISOVER offers a special range of solutions in ULTIMATE for high energy efficiency and stone wool for advanced mechanical performance.

Tank roofs - ISOVER thermal insulation with high mechanical strength

ISOVER offers a complete range of ULTIMATE, glass wool and stone wool products for the insulation of tank roofs, dependent on the temperature, flexibilty, and level of acoustic performance needed.

Where access to the tank roof imposes high loadings on the insulation, ISOVER high-density stone wool slabs provide the levels of compression resistance needed to support walking. Because of their high compression strength and weight, ISOVER stone wool tank roof slabs do not require any additional fixing or support structure, thus substantially reducing the opportunities for thermal bridging.

If tank roofs are to receive metal cladding, however, it must be fixed on a supporting structure through the insulation in accordance with the different local specifications and standards that might apply.
ISOVER tank roofs insulation


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For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing insulation for key industry players. Find the perfect reference to inspire your project and see how our products can meet your needs. With a reputation for quality products and total commitment to customer satisfaction, ISOVER constantly works to improve not only the thermal performance of its insulation products but also the resources necessary to manufacture them.