Thermal Solar Collectors

ISOVER insulation for thermal solar collectors

Thermal Solar Collectors Insulation - Isover Technical Insulation

Insulation is needed in solar thermal collectors to save and concentrate heat energy. By avoiding thermal losses through the rear and the sides of the collector, insulation optimizes the efficiency of the collector, enabling the maximum amount of collected heat to be transferred to the circulating fluid.

ISOVER has developed a unique wide range of mineral wool products designed specifically for Solar applications. Based on glass wool, stone wool and ULTIMATE, a unique material exclusively made by ISOVER, our Solar solutions combine high thermal performances with sustainability and the ability to operate at stagnation temperatures, up to 250°C.



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Find inspiration on our showcases to illustrate your projects and see how our products can meet your needs. With a reputation for quality products and total commitment to customer satisfaction during the last 25 years, ISOVER has produced about 1.5 billion m² of insulation material. ISOVER consistantly works to improve not only the thermal performance households appliances