U Solar EasyRoll 2.0 N

Solar Insulation
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ULTIMATE product designed for insulation in thermal solar collectors. Suitable for flat single glazed ventilated collector, with standard or reflective glass, and working temperatures up to 250 °C.

Key Benefits

  • Sound absorption
  • Fast installation
  • Improved logistics

Technical Characteristics

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Specific thermal capacity Symbolc UnitkJ/(kg.K) Quantities and declared values1.00 Standard-
Reaction to fire Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesNon-combustible, fire class A1 StandardEN 13501
Chemical behaviour Quantities and declared valuesFree of sulfite, chromium and sulphur Standard-
Application field Quantities and declared valuesProduct suitable for flat single glazed ventilated collector, with standard or reflective glass, and working temperatures up to 250 °C
Material Quantities and declared valuesISOVER mineral wools with quality marks EUCEB & RAL are free of any classification under the European Regulation (EC) n° 1272/2008 related to the classification, the labelling and the packaging of dangerous substances and under the German “Gefahrstoffverordnung“
Fogging Quantities and declared valuesProduct tested in official SPF institute (Switzerland): v1/t1 obtained at 220 °C v1/t2 obtained at 250 °C no fogging and no condensate precipitation on the glass
Characteristics Quantities and declared valuesMineral wool without slugs
Water vapour transmission Symbolμ Quantities and declared values1 StandardEN 12086
Delivery form Symbol- Quantities and declared valuesDimensions (length, width) and thickness upon request Easy-roll concept: Packaging with multiple pre-cut slabs, rolled and compressed in a roll Easy handling: no cutting necessary, slabs with dimensions adjusted to request Also available as standard rolls or slabs Rolls and pallets must be stored inside Standard-


U Solar EasyRoll 2.0 N
U Solar EasyRoll 2.0 N
U Solar EasyRoll 2.0 N
U Solar EasyRoll 2.0 N