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Thermal Solar Collector insulation
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Thermal solar collector insulation: why choose U Solar?


Already used for more than 30 years, solar heat technologies are very flexible, scalable and eco-friendly at every step, from production to end of life. This energy is transforming the way heat is produced for a wide range of applications from water supplies in individual homes to entire cities, as well as industrial processes.


Optimise heat transfer with the right solar panel insulation

Solar thermal collectors convert solar radiation into thermal energy through a transport medium or heat transfer fluid (HTF). To save and concentrate this energy, they need to be well insulated. Adapted solar panel insulation minimises heat loss, while also preventing the support material from overheating.


ULTIMATE: leading thermal solar collector insulation

Based on a patented fiberizing process, ULTIMATE™ mineral wool has a unique structure. The long fine interwoven fibres combine the advantages of glass wool and stone wool - from excellent thermal insulation to cost-efficiency - in one solution.


Why choose ULTIMATE for your solar panel insulation?

ULTIMATE™ products for thermal solar collector insulation are ideal for flat single glazed ventilated collectors with standard or reflective glass and working temperatures up to 250 °C.​​


  • No fogging (binder outgassing), certified by SPF lab

  • Best-in-class thermal insulation

  • Stable dimensions for T° going up to 250°C

  • Good handling: flexibility, easy-roll concept

  • Minimum dust release

  • Low densities for light collectors and easy handling on the roof

  • Optimised logistics with compressed products

  • Customised insulation for each collector type



Limiting your environmental impact

All our ULTIMATE™ solar insulation products are bio-soluble, 100% recyclable and made from natural raw materials. The products are designed and produced in Europe to reduce the impact of transportation.


Best-in-class light transmittance

ISOVER solar products are specially designed to avoid any fogging deposits or condensation on the glazing, even with high stagnation temperatures in the collector.


Did you know ?

ISOVER belongs to Solar Heat Europe, which brings together solar panel expertise from 50 members covering 90% of the industry across the entire supply chain.

Choose the best solar panel insulation for your project

We’ve developed a full range of thermal solar collector insulation based on the resistance and aesthetics you require :

Sharing insulation expertise


For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing thermal solar collector insulation on the market. Here are key industry players:

  • GREENoneTEC // market leader in thermal solar collectors
    Solar thermal power plants such as district heating and process heating systems using large-scale collectors with special performance features.

  • Viessmann // international manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems
    Solar water heating systems for heating domestic hot water (DHW) and central heating backup that significantly reduce energy consumption.



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