Protect BSK glue

Protect BSK

ULTIMATE Protection and safety

Protect BSK is part of ISOVER solutions for providing fire resistance in HVAC applications by using high performing ULTIMATE mineral wool. U Protect solutions provide an easy to install and lightweight efficient solution for fire resistance in HVAC, on metal ducts.
Inorganic, alkaline, fluid sodium silicate glue, Protect BSK is also exonerated according to EU decree on dangerous substances and to EU decree on prohibition of chemicals.

Product Performances & Benefits

  • Effective fire protection
  • Easy and Fast installation


  • Fire Resistance of ventilation air ducts in fire classes EI15 - EI120
  • Non-combustible, building material class A1
  • Chemical behaviour: Protect BSK fire protection glue has not to be marked according to EU decree on dangerous substances

Other information

Drying time

Hardening after approximately 12 hours under normal conditions (20 °C, air-humidity 50 %). Variations possible depending on ambient temperature and installation situation.


Glue has to be strongly mixed before use and should be protected from frost. Glueing areas have to be dry and free from oil or other parting agents. Avoid contact with running water (rain, formation of condensate) even after installation. Use alkali-resistant gloves. Cleaning of fresh glueing areas with water, hardened rests have to be removed mechanically.
Processing possible between 5° and 30 °C

Storage/ Transport

Product has a shelf life time of 18 months.

Forms of Delivery

8 kg PP-buckts with lid.
310 ml cartridges (12 units in a cardboard-box).

  • ISOVER products are designed for ease and speed of installation
  • ISOVER HVAC solutions help to reduce the sources of pollution as they comply with all existing requirements for indoor air quality.


Installation Manual