Protect BSF paint

U Protect for fire, thermal and acoustic insulation of ventilation and smoke extraction ducts
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U Protect system is designed to provide fire resistant, an easy to install, lightweight and efficient thermal and acoustic insulation solution in HVAC for circular and rectangular ventilation and smoke extraction ducts up to EI 120. 

Protect BSF is part of ISOVER U Protect fire resistant solution. Installation guidelines must be followed and all ISOVER U Protect components used.

Key Benefits

  • Fire resistance
  • Fast installation
  • Indoor air quality

Technical Characteristics

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Water behaviour Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesWater resistant Standard-
Reaction to fire Quantities and declared valuesB2 When exposed to fire or heat, the product develops micro-porous insulating layer StandardDIN 4102-4
Chemical behaviour Quantities and declared valuesSolvent free, PH neutral, white water-based dispersion  Free of Volatile Organic compounds Standard-
Application field Quantities and declared valuesProtect BSF paint is part of ISOVER U Protect fire resistant solution up to EI120 for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts StandardEN 1366-1 EN 1366-8
Material Quantities and declared valuesProtect BSF viscous paint is designed to be very thick and thixotropic and is used in order to create greater dry layer thicknesses Classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008: Protect BSF is not classified according to CLP regulation  Classification according to according to Directive 67/548/ EEC or Directive 1999/45/EC: not applicable Information concerning particular hazards for human and environment: Protect BSF does not have to be labelled Standard-
Storage conditions Quantities and declared valuesTightly closed in a dry place without direct sunlight. The unopened original container can be stored up to 18 months from date of production. Frost-free conditions should be kept for storage and transportation.
Instructions for use Quantities and declared valuesBefore use, material must be stirred well Can be diluted up to 10 % or water Application by brush, roller or spatula Surface must be clean and dry and free of dust and grease Touch dry: after 4 hours under normal conditions (20 °C, RH 50 % ) completely dry 24 - 48 hours
Processing temperature SymbolT UnitºC Quantities and declared values+ 5 to 30 ºC
Packing Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared values15kg per bucket / 400g per cartridge in a container of 12 pieces


Protect BSF paint
Protect BSF paint
Protect BSF paint
Protect BSF paint
Protect BSF paint
Protect BSF paint
Protect BSF paint