Protect BSF paint

Protect BSF Paint

Protect BSF Paint

Application of Protect BSF

Application of Protect BSF

ULTIMATE Protection and safety

Protect BSF is part of ISOVER solutions for providing fire resistance in HVAC applications by using high performing ULTIMATE mineral wool. U Protect solutions provide an easy to install and lightweight efficient solution for fire resistance in HVAC, on metal ducts.
Solvent free, pH-neutral, white, watery emulsion that forms an insulation layer, Protect BSF viscous paint is designed to be very thick and thixotropic and is used in order to create greater dry layer thicknesses, in one working cycle.

Product Performances & Benefits

  • Effective fire protection
  • Easy and fast installation


  • Fire Resistance of ventilation air ducts in fire classes EI15 - EI120
  • Building material class B2, normal flammable.
  • Viscous Protect BSF fire safety paint is not classified according to European regulations and therefore do not have to be labelled.

Other information

Drying time

Touch dry after approx. 4 hours under normal conditions (20°C, 50% air humidity), completly dried corresponding to layer thickness and temperature after 24 to 48 hours.


When exposed to fire or heat, the product develops a micro-porous, insulating foam-layer, protecting cables and other surfaces from the influence of fire due to its low heat conductivity and the lack of oxygen. In case of fire, the function of electrical units will be extended, the flame spread reduced to a minimum and the forming of corrosive and toxic gases is reduced considerably.


  • Brushing, Spraying, Rolling , as well Airless-Application.
  • Surface should be clean, dry, free of grease and absorbent.
  • According to application Protect BSF can be diluted with up to 10% clean water. Before use the material must be stirred well. Application masses as per approval. When applied by spraying, normal measures as for dispersion paints are applicable. Spraying dust should not be inhaled. Use eye and respiratory protection.
  • Wet paint can be removed with water.
  • A top coat is not necessary when applied in dry inside areas. For higher demands a top coat can be applied. Protect BSF is not wheather or water resistant in their applied condition. Occasional surface cleaning with aqueous cleaning agents (e.g. once or twice a year) did not have, as far as we know, a negative influence on the fire retardant property of coatings. If you need a higher protection against humidity (e.g. in areas with condensation) you can use a suitable top coat.
  • Processing possible between 5° and 30 °C

Storage/ Transport

The products have a normal shelf life of 12 months. After this time the product must be examined.
Storage and transport of the product: cold but free from frost.

Forms of Delivery

15 kg PP-buckts with lid.
310 ml cartridges (12 units in a cardboard-box).

  • ISOVER Products are designed for ease and speed of installation.
  • ISOVER HVAC solutions help to reduce the sources of pollution as they comply with all existing requirements for indoor air quality.


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