Effective acoustic protection for HVAC

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The sound generated by HVAC units and other equipment, and by air turbulence within the system, may cause discomfort to building users. To manage sound levels in HVAC installations, opt for a combination of careful system selection and effective HVAC duct and pipe insulation solutions.


Do you want to enjoy your living or working space without disturbing noise from ventilation or pipe systems? Developed to meet the needs of installers and building users, ISOVER HVAC insulation materials actively reduce noise levels, as well as providing high levels of thermal and fire protection.

The benefits of ISOVER HVAC acoustic protection

For users

  • Improved acoustic comfort


For designers  

  • High end-user satisfaction

  • Respect maximum admissible sound levels


For installers

  • Easy and fast to install



Effective sound-barrier insulation

Whether the origin of the sound is airborne (transmissions from ventilation equipment) or impact (operating machinery), ISOVER  products - including duct wraps, duct liners and self-supporting duct boards - provide effective solutions for noise control.

ISOVER glass wool is an excellent sound absorber, as the sound waves are defected and broken up by the individual fibres. This helps you eliminate sound reverberation and prevent propagation.

ISOVER: prioritising acoustic comfort

While all ISOVER HVAC insulation products offer excellent levels of acoustic protection, several ISOVER products have been designed with noise reduction as a priority:

  1. Self-supporting duct systems

Easy to assemble, CLIMAVER® self-supporting duct boards are made from rigid glass wool with high levels of acoustic absorption. With built-in thermal and sound insulation, the duct system doesn’t require any additional insulation.

  1. Internal duct insulation

CLIMLINER glass wool internal liners available as rolls or slabs with durable facings add an effective sound barrier to the internal surfaces of metal ventilation ductwork,duct silencers or HVAC equipment and machines. 

  1. External duct or pipe insulation

Although primarily used to reduce heat losses, ISOVER external duct and pipe insulation products also provide superior acoustic protection to reduce noise transmission through the duct- or pipework system.