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dBstation - New acoustic simulator



Choose the right sound insulation for your HVAC pipe or ductwork, using our new dBstation acoustic simulator!

Noise is widely recognized as an environmental pollutant with a significant impact on our health and well-being. In most situations, noise pollution has become the main form of nuisance in our living environment. Noise in buildings can come from outside (road, rail or air traffic, voices in the street), equipment, neighbours or from ourselves. Particularly HVAC equipment can be a significant source of noise pollution.

To protect your customers from annoying HVAC noise, it is essential to make the right choices in terms of sound insulation. But how do you know if it's the right choice?

Nothing says more than experiencing it! Discover dBstation and realize how much insulation can reduce noise emanating from ducts or pipes!

Two scenarios are proposed to you: noise from ventilation ducts in an office environment and noise from wastewater pipes in a hotel room. You will be able to compare an uninsulated duct or pipe with 2 different types/levels of insulation and literally hear the difference.

The simulations offered by dBstation are based on acoustic tests carried out at the Saint-Gobain Acoustics Laboratory, accredited by COFRAQ.