Acoustic insulation for Automotive

truck on highway

Working closely with key automotive industry players, ISOVER has developed proven thermo-acoustic insulation products especially for cars, buses and lorries. The lightweight glass wool products combine high thermal and acoustic performance, as well as fire-resistance.


What kind of insulation product is best adapted for the automotive industry?

Designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of automotive engines and driver compartments, the GW Automotive Green Mat is a glass wool blanket (impregnated with a formo-phenolic and urea binder) that thermosets from 200-210°C and is left uncured for re-processing by thermocompression. Ranging from 300-1800 g/m2, the lightweight rolls of thermo-acoustic insulation are available with 3 different facings.

What can ISOVER thermo-acoustic automotive insulation be used for?

ISOVER thermo-acoustic insulation products can be used to absorb noise and limit heat loss in the engine bay and vehicle interior including door panels, tunnels, dash outers, battery covers, hoodliners and headliners.


What are the benefits of installing ISOVER acoustic insulation?

Certified according to the EU No 540/2014 Pass-By Noise standard, ISOVER automotive insulation combines excellent thermal, fire and acoustic properties in one lightweight solution that is easy to install.


  • For users

ISOVER automotive insulation products offer high levels of acoustic absorption, especially for mid and high frequencies, to provide a quieter environment inside and outside the vehicle. ISOVER glass wool products also guarantee a strong barrier against heat loss, maintaining the right temperature to optimise engine performance and reduce CO2 emissions.

Made from 80% recycled glass, ISOVER glass wool helps limit the environmental impact of the vehicle. Moulded parts with ISOVER glass wool also maintain excellent mechanical resistance and stability throughout the vehicle life-time. Meeting strict fire safety standards such as ISO 5660 and ISO 5658, ISOVER non-combustible automotive insulation products help make the vehicle safer for users.


  • For Specifiers

Resisting high temperatures, ISOVER acoustic insulation materials can be installed closer to hot engine parts to reduce noise emissions close to the source. The lightweight all-in-one product also reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. The materials help to fulfil automotive standards including FMVSS302 and, depending on the surface material, are designed to meet fire tests for ISO 5660 and ISO 5658. Made from 80% recycled glass and helping lower CO2 emissions, ISOVER thermo-acoustic insulation helps improve the vehicle’s Life Cycle Assessment in line with environmental management standards.


  • For installers

ISOVER automotive insulation is easy to transform, between 200 and 210°C and lightweight – offering the same acoustic absorption as cotton with just half the weight. ISOVER glass wool mats are flexible without cracking even at low gram-weights. Their mechanical strength means that fewer brackets are required, simplifying and speeding up installation.

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