Glass wool

Automotive Thermoset Fire+ felt

Insulation specially designed for battery protection of hybrid and electric vehicles
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Product designed to mitigate fire risk in the vehicle.

This product is left uncured for subsequent re-processing by thermocompression. 

Key Benefits

  • Fire reaction
  • High service temperatures
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Sound absorption
  • Thermal insulation

Technical Characteristics

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Automotive Description Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesUncured glass wool felt impregnated with a formo-phenolic and urea binder Standard-
Material Quantities and declared valuesIsover glass wool complies with the European Regulations: REACH, CLP and BPR. Isover glass wool is EUCEB and RAL certified.
Facing Quantities and declared values3 different facing options: - Polypropylene non-woven tissue 17 g/m² (PP)  - White polyester non-woven tissue 22 g/m² (PEST)  - Black polyester non-woven tissues 65 g/m² with hydro and fire retardant treatment 
Characteristics Quantities and declared valuesProduct range: from 360g/m² to 1800g/m² Average dry binder content: 6,5% (in weight) Average moisture content: 2,5% (in weight)
Delivery form Quantities and declared valuesMaterial available in rolls Length: depending on the gram weight Width: from 820mm to 1530mm depending on the gram weight Average diameter of roll: 650mm or 780mm Material also available in roll of blankets: dimensions upon request Rolls are packed in polyethylene bags. Rolls kept packed shall be stored between 5°C and 40°C and shall be processed within 45 days after date of production.
Application field Quantities and declared valuesDesigned for thermosetting process (200°C - 210°C / max. density of the product after compression should not exceed 300kg/m3).


Automotive Thermoset Fire+ felt
Automotive Thermoset Fire+ felt