Glass wool

Automotive Thermoset Fire+ felt

Non combustible insulation specially designed for battery protection of hybrid and electric vehicles
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Product designed to minimize fire load in the automotive enviromnent and increase safety of the passengers. 

This product is left uncured for subsequent re-processing by thermocompression. 

Key Benefits

  • Fire reaction
  • High service temperatures
  • Mechanical resistance
  • On demand
  • Thermal insulation

Technical Characteristics

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Thermal behaviour SymbolT Unit°C Quantities and declared valuesAfter moulding, service temperature up to 230 °C, with stable dimensions Standard-
Fire behaviour Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared values- A2 – s1, d0 classification - Non combustible, M0 classification - Successful to horizontal combustibility test  
Chemical behaviour Quantities and declared valuesFree of sulfite, chromium and sulphur
Application field Quantities and declared valuesProduct designed for thermal and acoustical insulation of automotive battery systems. Glass wool blanket impregnated with a formo-phenolic and urea binder, thermosetting from 200 °C to 210 °C
Material Quantities and declared valuesIsover glass wool with quality marks EUCEB & RAL are free of any classification under the European Regulation (EC) n° 1272/2008 related to the classification, the labelling and the packaging of dangerous substances and under the German Gefahrstoffverordnung 
Facing Quantities and declared values3 different facings on choice :  - Polypropylene non woven tissue 14 g/m² (PP)  - White polyester non woven tissue 23 g/m² (PEST)  - Black polyester non woven tissues 65 g/m² with hydro and fire retardant treatment 
Characteristics Quantities and declared valuesDry binder content: 6.5 % (+1,5/-1.5 %) of the total weight  Moisture content: 2.5 % (+/-1 %) of the total weight
Water vapour resistance coefficient Symbolμ Quantities and declared values   ~ 1 StandardEN 12086
Acoustic Symbol- Quantities and declared valuesDepending on gramweight, please contact us for details Standard-

Thermal Conductivity

Characteristic Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values
CharacteristicThermal conductivity Symbolλ Unit[mW/(m.K)] Quantities and declared valuesDepending on gramweight, please contact us for details Quantities and declared values__-


Automotive Thermoset Fire+ felt
Automotive Thermoset Fire+ felt
Automotive Thermoset Fire+ felt
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