Center for mental rehabilitation

Czech Republic

CLIMAVER® enters the most modern and advanced psychiatric facility in Central Europe

With 6500 m2 of CLIMAVER® Neto, this mental rehabilitation center in Beroun, built in 2022-2023 for AKESO, is the largest CLIMAVER® project in the Czech Republic to date.

AKESO is one of the leading healthcare providers in the Czech Republic. With this project they opened the most modern and advanced psychiatric facility in Central Europe. Located in the Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital, the center is set to accommodate over 200 patients and provide around 300 jobs. The choice of CLIMAVER® for HVAC ducts,  provided them with a system that was both economical and offered excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Flexibility to meet major challenges in large-scale projects

In the dynamic landscape of construction projects, the history of the Beroun Rehabilitation Center is a testament to flexibility and adaptability. Originally designed with conventional metal duct, the trajectory of the project changed, opening the door to CLIMAVER®.

As the work progressed, a significant change in the ventilation design required adaptation of the ducts on several occasions. CLIMAVER® was the perfect answer! Delivered flat on a pallet, and assembled in a single operation, it made it possible to adapt seamlessly to changing plans. Unlike traditional practices where the ducts are prefabricated off-site, CLIMAVER® allows the ductwork to be constructed directly onsite. This approach allowed for real-time adjustments, logistics optimization, and modifications without compromising efficiency.

Breaking away from traditional installation habits

The CLIMAVER® installation process is different from traditional duct manufacturing and insulation practices, known and mastered by all duct installers and insulators. In order to provide the necessary skills to installers, ISOVER Czech Republic provided dedicated support and guidance, guaranteeing a smooth and precise installation. 

In essence, the Beroun Rehabilitation Center is a great demonstration of  the collaborative spirit between the construction team and the ISOVER teams, highlighting how adaptability, innovation, and dedicated support can turn challenges into opportunities.

Climaver duct Rep Czech

More CLIMAVER® ducts for less noise

During the construction phase, it was finally decided to realize not only the 2,500 m² of duct initially planned in CLIMAVER®, but the project experienced a substantial expansion, going from 2,500 m2 to 6,500 m2.

The catalyst for this change was certainly the unrivaled flexibility and rapid installation offered by CLIMAVER®.

But beyond that, another critical success factor lay in the exceptional sound absorption capabilities of CLIMAVER® duct. In a healthcare facility like the Beroun Rehabilitation Center, where a serene environment is paramount, the ability to minimize noise within the ductwork is of utmost importance. CLIMAVER®'s ability to provide the best acoustic absorption played a pivotal role in creating a quiet atmosphere, contributing significantly to the overall success of the project.

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Optimizing carbon footprint for more sustainable practices

A key sustainable feature of the project lies in the on-site construction of CLIMAVER® ducts, delivered as panels rather than pre-built ducts. This  results in a more efficient use of transportation space and a minimized environmental footprint. The flat panel structure of CLIMAVER® ducts allows for more compact packaging during transport, and it took less than three trucks to deliver all the necessary components for the project. By optimizing space on trucks, the project significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with transport.

Another standout feature contributing to the sustainable profile of the project is the exceptional thermal performance of CLIMAVER®, thanks to its outstanding airtightness and reduced thermal bridges. Thus, CLIMAVER® mitigates the risk of unwanted heat loss or gain, resulting in energy savings and limited CO2 emissions from the HVAC system.

CLIMAVER® ducts for a mental rehabilitation center in Czech Republic