Smoke extraction ducts insulated with ISOVER's product in the Amazon Distrubution Centre in Kojetin (Czech Republic)

Amazon – Distribution Centre, Kojetín

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Czech Republic

Fire safety for a unique distribution center

The Amazon Center located in Kojetín (Czech Republic) is the first multi-storey distribution center of the country with a building area of 52,000 m² on four floors, providing a total of 190,000 m² of warehousing.

ISOVER Czech Republic provided 5,500 m² of U PROTECT® Slab 4.0 Alu1 (thickness 80 mm), for smoke extraction ducts with classification EI 30, highly appreciated for its lightness compared to traditional stone wool solutions.

With the U PROTECT® range, ISOVER has the whole fire resistance classes portfolio available and can provide technical support whenever needed.

The challenge: ensure the fire-stopping

The main challenge of the specification work for this project was the design of fire-stoppings with the totally new solution that broke with the Czech insulators’ habits. In the Czech Republic, fire-stopping is usually carried out by specialized companies with other systems and not by the insulators.

This project therefore required a lot of work to support, convince and train the different stakeholders. As a result, 56 fire penetrations of walls and floors were made with our U PROTECT® solution, and reinforced with BSF and BSK glue.

ISOVER Czech Republic provided great technical support to the insulators, to solve any specific technical detail about fire-stopping. Indeed, during the last 10 years, ISOVER has trained more than 300 insulation companies for fire resistance and smoke extraction.

U PROTECT®: much more than fire safety

In line with the environmentally friendly approach and the high energy sufficiency of this project, U PROTECT® offered other advantages besides fire protection to achieve the goals set. Made of ULTIMATE™ light stone wool, the U PROTECT® range is made entirely of natural raw materials and is 100% recyclable.

Furthermore, other benefits of U PROTECT® provided additional value to the project:

  • Sound absorption
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Fast installation

Lightweight and very easy to use

- Feedback of the contractor, Míra Šindler (BS Realisations s.r.o.)

Fire safety for an Amazon distribution center