Thermal insulation for Marine

Cold marine ship

Launched for Marine & Offshore in 2006, the U SeaProtect range provides marine thermal insulation adapted to a wide range of applications for cruise ships, offshore platforms and OEM marine constructions.

Committed to making your marine insulation materials lighter, more resistant and more cost-effective, we launched ULTIMATE™, after more than 20 years of intense research and development. Using a unique, patented fiberizing process, ULTIMATE™ mineral wool is totally shot-free comprising long fine interwoven fibers.

This high-performance mineral wool combines excellent thermal insulation properties with effective fire protection and a much lower weight (up to 40% lighter compared to light weight stone wool).


  • Thermal performance 

  • Unique lightness

  • Maximum compressibility

  • Comfortable installation

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Fire protection





ULTIMATE       Protect Range Product Form Density (kg/m2)   Facing Thickness (mn)
      24   unfaced 20 mn
    Roll 36 Alu1  Aluminium 25 mn
      56 G120  Glass Cloth (black) 30 mn
                           U Sea Protect Range Slab  76 G220  Glass Cloth (white) 40 mn 
      86 G420  Glass Cloth (white) 50mn 
    Wired Mat  90 B-Al B Facing (Alu outside) 70 mn 
      ... B-Gl B Facing (Glass cloth outside) 100 mn 

Why are effective thermal insulation materials so important?

Much of your ship’s total energy consumption is linked to the energy consumed by your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system - it represents as much as 35% for cruise ships. Opting for solutions with superior thermal insulation properties for your walls and ducts guarantees increased passenger comfort while lower operating costs.
ULTIMATE™ mineral wool products have excellent thermal insulation properties due to their unique internal microstructure: 100% fiberized insulation mats, completely free of slugs. For the same thickness, U SeaProtect products achieve equivalent or better thermal insulation than lightweight  stone-wool products, while being up to 40% lighter.



A full range of thermal insulation materials

U SeaProtect thermal insulation materials can be used for a wide range of applications from bulkhead and deck insulation to OEM, HVAC and piping solutions. The 3 main types of insulation product (rolls, slabs and wired mat) with different thicknesses and densities can be combined with a choice of facings and tapes depending on your needs.