U Protect Pipe Section Alu2 (Marine)

U Protect Pipe Sections 1000 S Alu and unfaced
ISOVER U Protect Pipe Section 1000 S Alu

U Protect Pipe Section 1000 S Alu

ISOVER Pipe Sections 1000 S Alu

Pipe Sections 1000 S Alu 2

Pipe sections aluminium faced, for use in Industry, Marine or HVAC applications.
Previous name: Pipe Section 1000 S Alu

For simple and time saving insulation of pipes of all kinds especially for heating and industrial water lines, distant heating systems as well as pipe lines in construction of power plants and chemical plants.

Product Performances & Benefits

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Light weight solution
  • Fast installation
  • Effective fire protection


Thermal conductivities1







λD [W / (m.k)]






1   according to EN 12 667

Behaviour in fire

  • Euroclass A2L-s1,d0
  • Non-combustible according to IMO-Resolution MSC.61(67). 
  • Homologated for shipbuilding EC Type Examinate
  • Certificate Nr. 114.49
  • Melting point : ≥ 1000 °C

Thermal behaviour

  • Maximum service temperature: 660 °C. Insulation layer must be designed so that the coated side is stressed by a maximal temperature of 100 °C.
  • From 150 °C on the binder begins to volatilise

Specific Thermal Capacity

C=0,84 kJ/(kg• K)

Chemical behaviour*

  • Sulfide-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Hydrophobic


Pipe sections are coated outside with high-rupture aluminium foil reinforced with a grid.

*     according to AGI Q 132

Other information

Quality, Health & Environment

  • Mineral wool, with RAL-Mark of the Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e.V., exonerated according to German decree on dangerous substances, to German decree on prohibition of chemicals and to guideline EU 97/69 Nota Q.
  • Chemical Behaviour according to AGI Q 132
  • AS-Quality

Delivery form

See technical datasheet (in related documentation).