CLIMCOVER Lamella Mat (2)

Strong and handsome

A flexible glass wool roll, designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation for ductwork, tanks and large diameter pipes. The strong compression resistance of Isover CLIMCOVER Lamella Mat makes it ideal for use at all levels, inside or outside a building with subsequent covering.
  • Lightweigth rolls are easy to work with in all conditions
  • The roll is faced on one side with a reinforced pure aluminium foil that acts as vapour barrier.
  • The reinforcement mesh increases the resistance to tearing and punching of the aluminium.
  • Roll is flexible and due to unique fiberstructure in can be easily bend over different shapes and parts of HVAC systems
  • The facing can be used as  shiplap that permits the easy assembly and connexion between wrap insulation pieces.
  • Improved mechanical strenght to improve the aesthetics and carry the weight of the cladding
  • The roll is easy to cut with standard tools iex. knife



Thermal insulation

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λD [W / (m.k)]





max = 250°C for insulation (for the facing 80°C)

Reaction for fire


CLIMCOVER Lamella Mat provides an adapted fire classification for insulation of metal ducts to some specific regulations and prevents from smoke and flaming droplets generation.

Non combustible, Euroclass A2-s1,d0 

Facing: water-vapour diffusion resistance

~130 (m2 •h•Pa/mg)


Other information

ISOVER CLIMCOVER Lamella Mat is manufactured from up to 85% recycled glass that would otherwise go to landfill. This makes ISOVER one of the most environmentally sustainable insulation products on the market today.

CLIMCOVER Lamella Mat is manufactured from inorganic and chemically biosoluble materials and do not include anything that would have effect on corrosion and shall not facilitate (or being nutrient to) microbial growth.

CLIMCOVER Lamella Mat is supplied in palletized rolls. 

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