Cost Effective Solution

Minimizing the cost of installing your industrial insulation ?

Adapted to applications ranging from storage tanks to pipework and boilers, ISOVER industrial insulation materials are designed to reduce the total cost of installation from logistics and storage to installation time, as well as providing superior thermal, acoustic and fire-resistance performance.

What factors do you need to consider when calculating the cost of installing your industrial insulation?


  • Ease of installation

  • Material efficiency - minimum waste with optimised dimensions

  • Logistics - costs and delivery trustworthiness

  • Storage costs

  • Scrap reduction: landfill costs

    What kind of industrial thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant insulation can help reduce your installation costs?

As a leading provider of industrial insulation, ISOVER works closely with industrial process designers, operators and contractors to develop light, flexible insulation materials for different geometries and configurations through the comprehensive U TECH range of stone and mineral wool solutions.


Based on 20+ years of research and development, our new-generation ULTIMATE mineral wool is up to 50% lighter and up to 60% more compact than traditional stone wool without sacrificing on high-performance.



cost effective


The benefits of investing in ULTIMATE mineral wool

Highly compressible, ULTIMATE mineral wool offers more m2 per package, more m2 per pallets, longer pipe sections and wider/longer wire mats for a lower weight.  


  • Optimized logistics

This means more efficient transportation, easier handling and less storage space needed:


Case study : Thermika*

External transport costs ULTIMATE : 35.8% less expensive

Internal transport costs ULTIMATE : 80% less expensive

Difference in transported weight : 30,124 tons


  • Easy installation

This means less on-site storage, less waste, faster installation, easier cutting, carrying and lifting, which in turn reduces downtime and the level of risk (exposure time):


Case study: Thermika*

Installation savings with ULTIMATE™: 6 fewer days with a team of 10 installers.


*8.860 m2 of insulation, 100mm thick: comparing stone wool wired mat 100kg/m3 with ULTIMATE wired mat MT 6.0 (66kg/m3)


Questions about our ISOVER industrial insulation solutions?


What exactly is ULTIMATETM mineral wool?

ULTIMATETM is a new-generation mineral wool with excellent thermal, acoustics and fire-resistance properties thanks a unique fiberising method, which avoids slugs and shot, to produce a completely converted high-quality fibre structure.
  • Fire protection: BS 476: Part 24 for ventilation ductwork
  • Fire protection and thermal insulation: fulfils EN 1366-1 and 8
  • Non-combustible: Euroclass A1 fire rating; Class 0 Compliance
  • Up to 50% lighter: compared to traditional stone wool systems
  • Compressible: save up to 60% space for lower transport & storage costs

ULTIMATETM mineral wool has been used in industrial ISOVER insulation for more than 10 years and proven in numerous reference projects across power generation, oil & gas and process industry applications.