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ULTIMATE™ - Light stone wool. Experience the difference!

ULTIMATE™: our new dedicated brochure

ULTIMATE™ is ISOVER’s high-performance stone wool that combines fire protection with advanced thermal and acoustic insulation and above all maximum installation comfort thanks to its exceptionally light weight. The ULTIMATE™ ranges are among the lightest stone wool ranges available on the market!

Find all the information about ULTIMATE summarised in our new brochure.

Benefits for the entire value chain on all technical markets

Discover all the benefits of ULTIMATE, market by market, depending on your needs whether you are an owner, specifier, installer or distributor.

ULTIMATE™ supports you throughout the life of the project by:


  • Offering best-in-class thermal and acoustic comfort
  • Ensuring fire protection
  • Offering easy and convenient installation
  • Optimising logistics
  • Reducing TCO (total cost of ownership) and TCI (total cost of installation)
  •  Improving health & safety at work


And above all, ULTIMATE is a sustainable solution 

Let’s push the limits of sustainability with ULTIMATE™

Today, more than ever, we must reduce the environmental impact of our solutions and help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their projects.

Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation, through its two business brands ISOVER and Kaimann, offers ever more efficient and “eco-friendly” products.

In line with this, ULTIMATE™ is our flagship solution to provide energy savings and help reduce CO2 emissions.