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U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 in lab scale reactors

Lab scale reactors

Two different companies used U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 in a lab scale reactor in the Netherlands.




  • ZETON is a Canadian company with a site in The Netherlands. It produces lab scale systems and pilot plants. They recently used U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 for a small reactor. If all tests go well, the reactor will be upscaled to a larger reactor. Jos Nijhof, project leader, was pleased with the flexibility of the ULTIMATE material. The temperatures are low (max 250°C) so a mid-range product was enough for this application.


  • FutureChemistry in Nijmegen is a spin off from the local university. They are specialized in small scale reactors for fluid chemical synthesis processes. Just like ZETON, they’ve used U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 for the first time and were very satisfied by the ease of installation. Dr. Pieter Nieuwland confirmed he will use ULTIMATE again in the future and was really triggered by our innovation.