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B-15 Wall extension with USeaProtect !
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U Seaprotect® Lightweight Solutions For B-15 Wall Extensions

Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation launches a new insulation solution for B-15 wall extensions!

Build high-performance B-15 wall extensions with U SeaProtect®

As part of the fire protection concept of any shipbuilding project, not only the structure of the ship, but also the technical spaces behind the ceilings, panels or coverings, must be fireproof. B-15 wall extensions prevent the spread of fire, smoke and flames from one compartment to the other.

Installing B-15 extensions is often a headache for installers. Where alternative insulation solutions are either quite heavy and complicated to install, with a whole bunch of components needed, or extremely fragile, U SeaProtect® will make life easier for installers but also for ship owners, naval architects or shipyards!

  1. Ensure fire safety
  2. Reduce weight
  3. Save installation time and cost
  4. Control noise pollution
  5. Provide thermal comfort & save energy


Invest in this efficient insulation solution for wall extensions to add value over the entire life of your vessels.


U SeaProtect® makes your life easier

With our new U SeaProtect® solution, only two insulation products are needed to build your B-15 wall extensions:



All required accessories are standard accessories, with the exception of SeaProtect Tape Alu used to fix the insulation around the penetrations. 

Our U SeaProtect® solution for B-15 wall extensions is fulfilling IMO requirements and is certified by the DNV Classification Society.

Find all the details of components of the U SeaProtect® system for B-15 wall extensions in the certificates and brochure.