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SEA CLIMAVER® self-supporting air ducts
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SEA CLIMAVER®, sustainable duct systems for marine & offshore

Optimising HVAC system architectures to deliver safer, greener and more comfortable ships

HVAC systems in marine & offshore are a key element of the comfort and safety on board. Thermal comfort is often the first element we think of when referring to marine wellbeing. Focusing on ambient temperature and humidity is an essential aspect of the ship design process, particularly for overnight accommodation units. Modern heating and cooling systems provide ideal temperatures for the well-being of passengers and crew, while at the same time ensuring the proper functioning of on-board equipment.

Ship owners and operators are looking for ever more efficient and sustainable HVAC solutions, but also ever smaller, lighter and quieter.

SEA CLIMAVER®, the all-in-one duct system

Made from dense and rigid glass wool boards, SEA CLIMAVER® self-supporting air ducts are a cost-effective, easy-to-install alternative to traditional insulated metal ducts:

  • An all-in-one metal-free system, delivered flat on a pallet, and assembled in a single operation,
  • Duct sections are assembled easily, without the need for expensive machinery usually used on-site,
  • A shiplap on the edges ensures tight closure of the duct.

SEA CLIMAVER® is a unique product to replace metal ducts, providing state-of-the-art insulation and comfort.

SEA CLIMAVER®, a sustainable insulation solution

SEA CLIMAVER® provides various benefits to the environment across its entire lifecycle, lessening the impact from sourcing to manufacture, from distribution to end-of-life:

  • SEA CLIMAVER® helps save materials & resources: Manufactured from up to 75% recycled glass wool, it reduces the need for sand extracted from quarries and helps protect biodiversity.
  • SEA CLIMAVER® limits waste generation: A unique installation method (Straight Duct Method) ensures the optimal use of material, reducing building site waste.
  • SEA CLIMAVER® reduces transport emissions: The product is usually delivered flat on a pallet and assembled on-site.
  • SEA CLIMAVER®’s space-saving packaging reduces and optimizes transport-related emissions

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