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Sustainability Live 2015
2 minutes min

ISOVER UK at the Sustainability Live 2015 Exhibition

Visitors from a broad range of industry sectors visited the show to gather information and learn about the latest solutions to help them manage their resources as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.




The campaign selected by ISOVER UK focused on evolution in action. The idea is to demonstrate a need for the UK Energy Sector to become part of ISOVER’s ENERGY REVOLUTION which is focused on changing the historical density led specifications to performance related and opening the door to a new mineral wool which represents a huge leap in innovation in the industrial insulation space. To demonstrate radical NPD and other sectors that have evolved in this nature, ISOVER UK used a car illustration to highlight 5 key benefits which linked back to ULTIMATE:


  • Cleaner (energy)
  • Faster (install)
  • Lighter (density)
  • Safer (logistics and onsite movement of material)
  • More Efficient (thermal performance)


The exhibition highly successfully provided ISOVER UK with the ability to engage with key decision makers and promote its new Industry range.