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ISOVER provides insulation for the "Loire Princesse" ship built in Saint-Nazaire, France

ISOVER’s new TECH Industrial insulation solutions (launched in the UK on October 29th) are proven to provide more efficient insulation for tanks, boilers, and high temperature process equipment in power stations and other industrial facilities, when compared to current conventional mineral wool insulation.




The ship is much smaller than usual ones in Saint-Nazaire (90 m by 15,3 m), but being able to navigate on the Loire river all year long despite the shoals requires several properties, among which light weight is crucial: that is where ISOVER ULTIMATE products dedicated to Marine were really needed and appreciated to insulate the ship.

Once finished, the total weight of the empty ship will be lower than 600 tones, and the maximal draught will thus be limited to 80 cm, which is noticeable and will allow it to navigate on the Loire under all conditions.

The Loire Princesse should be inaugurated on April, 2nd 2015 in Nantes, and its first cruise should start directly after. The two following ships should be ready for 2017.