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German ISOVER App

Since May 2014, ISOVER Germany has been providing its customers with a new app, the ISOVER “EnEV Technik”.




The ISOVER “EnEV Technik” is a reliable support for planers and installers. It determines the insulating thicknesses of the pipes for HVAC applications. It is easy and intuitive to use. Thanks to the app, the user has on the one hand the possibility to get the right minimum insulation thickness for different kind of pipes according to EnEV standards and on the other hand to choose the product fitting with his required HVAC application. The ISOVER pipe sections U Protect Pipe Section Alu2 and U TECH Pipe Section MT 4.0 (thermal conductivity according to EnEV of 0,035 W/mK) as well as the ISOVER CLIMCOVER Lamella Mat (thermal conductivity according to EnEV of 0,040 W/mK) are specified within the tool.

The app can be freely downloaded via Apple store (iOS), Google Play store (androids) and via  www.isover-technische-isolierung.de . It is compatible with iOS from version 6 and androids from version 4.0.