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Designing sustainable buildings with HVAC insulation
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Designing sustainable buildings with HVAC insulation

Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation launches a brand-new documentation on the contribution of HVAC insulation to green building certifications!

Aim for green building certifications

What levers are there to qualify for certifications? What are the possible solutions?

As specifiers or building owners, you most certainly ask yourselves these questions. Don't wait any longer!

Our new brochure dedicated to sustainable buildings is available now. You’ll discover our contributions to 3 major international green building labels (LEED, WELL and BREEAM), and find all the information you need to reach your target.

Cover of the brochure "Designing sustainable Buildings"

A full range of solutions

Our brochure comprises the full scope of technical insulation, including mineral wool solutions from ISOVER and elastomeric foam solutions from Kaimann.


The best solutions per label


Sustainable HVAC is an integral part of the certifications (LEED, BREEAM, and WELL) as it affects several of the scoring categories.

Our insulation solutions help reduce energy consumption and energy-related emissions over the life of your building projects, while having minimal environmental footprint during manufacturing and all their life cycle and improving the wellbeing of occupants.

In our brochure, we have organised the contribution of our HVAC insulation solutions by rating category, for each of the labels.
For example, here are the categories  of the LEED label where we contribute:


  • Integrative process
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Materials and ressources
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Innovation
LEED Category

Discover now how Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation solutions can contribute to the different scoring categories for your project.

A little bit of theory about green building certifications

Sustainable construction is a worldwide major trend. As the most recent versions of green building certifications  have placed even more emphasis on energy efficiency, the contribution of HVAC into scoring is increasing

LEED, BREEAM and WELL are organised into scoring categories which are in turn organised into sub-categories. For each of these sub-categories, it is possible to achieve a certain rating:


  • LEED : subcategories are called « credits » and the rating is evaluated with « points ».
  • BREEAM: subcategories are called « issues » and the rating is evaluated with « credits ».
  • WELL: subcategories are called « features » and the rating is evaluated with « points ».


Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation contributes to these green building certifications up to 37% of points, 35% of credits and 24% of points respectively!

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