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Cofely Endel and Isover Technical Insulation cooperation
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Cofely Endel and ISOVER: a successful cooperation and showcase of implementing our industry energy efficiency specification strategy

Cofely Endel, branch of GDF Suez, is the French leader in Industrial maintenance and plant service. Together with ISOVER, they are going a new way of utilizing synergies in specification.




The two specialists are collaborating on an energy efficiency improvement project starting in two industrial sites of one of the leading Specialty Chemicals companies in Europe, Arkema.
The target is to improve the efficiency of the Industrial manufacturing process in each site by reducing significantly the energy losses and the CO2 emissions through heat losses by improved insulation.
As part of the collaboration agreement with Cofely Endel, ISOVER was supportive in thermal audits and providing energy saving potential analysis and total cost of ownership calculations using our tools TIPCHECK, TechCalc 2.0 and EcoTech.