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Ecofys identifies rapid payback in industrial insulation
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Climate protection with rapid payback

Ecofys study identifies a large energy efficiency potential of industrial insulations in EU27.




The European study “Climate protection with rapid payback” published by Ecofys and EiiF proves the high potential of the insulation industry concerning energy and CO2 saving. Moreover, the majority of this estimated potential could be used immediately. It means that the European industry wastes everyday not only energy and money, but produces at the same time tons of avoidable CO2 too.

“Two-thirds of energy and CO2 saving potential could be realized thanks to improved maintenance measures and the consequently insulation of industrial installations”, Ecofys Professor Kornelis Bloc scientific director explains. “And because the investment in insulation is normally paid off in less than one year, this is also economically meaningful”.
The EU energy efficiency guidelines plan a 20% reduction in energy consumption before 2020. However, Europe will actually reach only the half with current development. This is why the “Best Available Technics”, which can contribute to an energy consumption reduction within EU, are essential.

Technical insulation of industrial installations is one of the best available such technology, and has been developed numerous years ago. Its saving potential exists in all regions, industrial sectors, technical facilities and process temperatures. The study says that fuel consumptions of all European industries could be reduced of 620 PJ and their CO2 emissions of 49 Megatons thanks to technical insulation.
This yearly saving potential of 620 PJ is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 10 million households.
This yearly saving potential of 49 Mt is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 18 million cars.

Practice proves, that at least 10 percent of industrial installations are not insulated or have a deficient insulation. Moreover, most existing insulation systems are designed according to following criteria: a as low as possible price (minimum investment), respect of minimal allowed surface temperature (security), guarantee of the process or on the basis of general and today significant to high heat lost rates.

Requirements such as economy or maximum energy efficiency of insulation systems are and will be mostly not considered.
“In the past, when fuel prices were significantly lower, energy-efficient insulation solutions would probably not have made a big difference”, CEO of EiiF Andreas Gürtler declared. “But today, the price of energy is higher, and is expected to still increase. The consequence is that the difference between current insulation standards and economically meaningful solutions increases more and more. Additional costs for CO2 emission rights will accelerate this trend”.

If the industry reacts and uses the existing saving potential by means of technical insulation, this trend can be stopped. It can be in a first step relatively simple thanks to the insulation of not yet isolated plant parts and the replacement of damaged insulation. Nevertheless, if the European industrial companies continue to ignore this also economically attractive saving potential, it will continue to grow. 

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