Mineral wool insulation health and safety

Mineral wool insulation health and safety

Healthy insulation

Sustainability doesn’t only mean protecting the environment but also people and their health. This is why mineral wool insulation health & safety remains one of our main priorities. This commitment stretches from increasingly everyday comfort for users to making sure our products contain as few Volatile Organic Compounds as possible.


Mineral wool insulation health and safety

By reducing heat loss from pipes and equipment, we make it easier to control ambient temperatures in the surrounding environment. This makes living and working spaces more pleasant all year round, how hot or cold it gets.

Noise control

Noise pollution in buildings and workspaces is a major problem, with an estimated 80 million people in the EU alone exposed to unwanted noise. This noise can induce health-threatening stress and in extreme cases even cause serious physical effects, such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. Our insulation solutions are effective in reducing unwanted noise especially for HVAC systems and industrial equipment.

Did you know...?

For optimised acoustic protection, our mineral wool is characterised by :

  • High longitudinal air-flow resistance (up to >100 k Pa·s/m2)
  • Uniform porosity (93-99%)
  • Low dynamic toughness
  • Low modulus of elasticity

Health & Safety Policy: Fire & Safety

From fire protection to indoor air quality, ISOVER insulation solutions help make your environment safe. All of our glass mineral wool products are non-combustible, have the highest possible Euroclass A1 fire rating classification, and do not produce any toxic fumes in the event of fire.
Most are also fire rated, offering added protection against fire and providing vital time for building occupants to evacuate.


Did you know...?

ULTIMATE Protect meets the highest standard for fire protection, Euroclass A1 and excellent fire resistance (up to 2 hours according to EN1366).

Health & Safety Policy: hazardous substances

In line with our health policy and through our eco-innovation programme, our products do not contain hazardous substances, classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR).
The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer does not classify the mineral wool fibres we use as carcinogenic to humans. Nor does the European Union or the US government.

We’re also committed to reduce emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds in our products to a very minimum. In several countries, these emissions are certified by independent labels such as Indoor Air Comfort by Eurofins and GreenCard by UL. According to the mandatory French labelling on emissions of VOCs and formaldehyde from construction products, most ISOVER mineral wool products (glass wool, stone wool and ULTIMATE™) products achieve the highest A+ ranking.

Next steps to promote health and safety at work and home

To further protect our health, we advocate for the development of European guidelines for the disclosure and hazard assessment of substances contained in construction products. This would accelerate the transition towards non-toxic circular economy and healthier building across the entire sector.

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