Improved logistics for Marine

ULTIMATE rolls compressed on truck

When it comes to installing marine insulation, every extra kilogram means higher costs and more emissions, especially during transportation and storage. This is why we’ve designed effective, lightweight and highly compressible marine insulation materials for all your marine and offshore applications.

Based on a patented fiberizing process, ULTIMATE™ mineral wool’s unique structure - totally shot-free with long fine interwoven fibres - means that this new-generation mineral wool combines advantages of glass wool and stone wool to offer you :


  • unique lightness
  • excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • maximum compressibility
  • comfortable installation
  • maximum flexibility
  • effective fire protection

U SeaProtect marine insulation materials therefore enable owners  to protect their  marine constructions and users more effectively, while also reducing costs during transportation and storage, as well as the entire lifespan of your construction. 







Optimise the weight of your marine insulation 

Ultimate U SeaProtect mineral wool solutions reduce the weight of your marine insulation by up to 40% versus lightweight stone wool with same, if not superior, levels of safety and comfort. As well as reducing your transportation and storage costs, our lightweight marine insulation materials also ensure lower operational costs, better stability and higher revenues. 


Free up more space with compact marine insulation

Ultimate™ mats can be compressed into rolls during packaging without losing their mechanical properties. Using rolls rather than slabs will therefore significantly reduce your storage and transport costs.  

For example, using rolls of 24kg/m350mm instead of slabs gives you 75% more m2 per pallet and in the truckThe transport cost per m2 using rolls is 42% lower. In terms of distribution, 42% less space is occupied and 1.7 times fewer operations are required for loading and carrying the pallet.

Densities Thickness Form Product Name Quantity per pallet Quantity per truck (for 22 PAL) Quantity per HC 40 ft container (approx.)
24 kg/m3 50 mm Roll U SeaProtect Roll 24 Alu1 50 mm 201.60 m3 4,435.20 m2  3,360.00 m2S
Slab U Sea Protect Slab 24 Alu 1 50 mm 115.20 m3 2,534.40 m2 1,656.00 m2