Effective Fire Protection for Marine

Fire protection

The U SeaProtect range provides marine insulation and fire protection for ships, offshore and OEM marine constructions.  With a full range of MED approved marine fire insulation solutions for A15-A60 Deck and Bulkhead, you can ensure maximum safety of your users and business.


Why is effective marine fire insulation so important?

New construction standards require ever higher levels of fire protection, making the choice of fireproof insulation highly strategic for both shipbuilders and contractors. As well as being a requirement, superior fire protection also ensures that your people and investment are protected better, for longer. 


ULTIMATE™ fire insulation performance

Based on a patented technology and more than 20 years of research and development, we created the new-generation ULTIMATE™ mineral wool that combines all advantages of glass wool and stone wool for efficient fireproof insulation, as well as excellent thermal and acoustic protection. This innovation has been integrated into a full line of marine fire insulation products that comply with the 2010 Fire Test Procedures Code for steel and aluminium fire constructions.

  • Thinner fire insulation materials 

25mm around the stiffeners for A60 steel constructions, 20mm around the stiffeners for A30 steel constructions and 50mm on the level for A60 steel bulkhead


  • Lighter fireproof insulation 

U SeaProtect solutions are up to 40% lighter than lightweight stone wool alternatives


  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance

Our best-comfort-class solutions provide the highest levels of thermal and acoustic protection


  • Optimized logistics

All Steel A-Fire Class constructions can be achieved with minimum number of ULTIMATE™ products 



Reaction to fire - certificates

In fire safety terms, ULTIMATE™ thermal and acoustic insulation products are the top choice - certified as A1, the best possible classification in the Euroclass system. All ULTIMATE™ products are also fully certified in accordance with all relevant IMO Resolutions, in particular for fire protection in shipbuilding. Certificates are available to cover a wide range of ISOVER product types and applications.




They have already used U Sea Protect fire insulation

Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship, Papenburg, Germany

In 2008, ISOVER provided around 700 tons of ULTIMATE mineral wool for the fire and thermal applications of the largest cruise ship ever built in Germany, the "Celebrity Solstice". By opting for ULTIMATE, the vessel reduced its weight by over 300 tons. The ship’s operating costs of will be significantly lower than planned during its entire 25-30 year lifespan.
RoRo Passenger ferries, Balamban, Philippines  

ISOVER insulated 3 RoRo passenger ferries in the FMBA shipyard of Balamban, Philippines. It was essential to keep the weight of the aluminium vessels as low as possible - fire and sound insulation from the ISOVER ULTIMATE range led to an 18 ton weight reduction, as well as increased speed and stability, and reduced running costs.