Cost effective solution for HVAC

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Suitable for a wide range of applications in all your constructions, ISOVER HVAC insulation products are designed to make installation easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Simplifying HVAC insulation installation means a consistent finished solution that offers the desired level of comfort, as well as reduced installation time to lower costs. This is why, as a leading HVAC insulation supplier, ISOVER focuses on developing light, flexible materials that can be adapted to different geometries and configurations. Good insulation is always an act for environment. Just after the insulation is installed it will start to save your money in terms of energy savings.

Optimising HVAC installation

Committed to constant R&D to build more efficient solutions, we’ve launched two innovative HVAC insulation solutions that are specially designed to ensure fast, easy and comfortable installation:


Self-supporting ducts (CLIMAVER®)

Made from rigid glass wool duct boards, CLIMAVER® self-supporting ventilation ducts are a cost-effective, easy-to-install alternative to traditional insulated metal ducts:


  • One single operation: insulated solution with no need for metal ductwork

  • Can be built on or off-site: reduce installation time, transportation and labour costs. No need for special machine investment.

  • Extremely light: > 50% weight reduction versus traditional ducts

  • Straight Duct Method: easy guide and system for duct construction & fitting by ISOVER




Fire protection for ventilation ducts (U Protect)

Based on our new-generation mineral wool, ULTIMATE™ U Protect provides ducts with fire stability and clear installation advantages, especially compared to traditional solutions with stone wool and other heavier products:

  • Easy-to-install: due light weight can by installed by one person

  • Flexible insulation: flexible and easy to adapt to duct corners and around supports

  • Lightweight: high fire stability and thermal performance from thinner, lighter insulation, reduced need for supporting constructs