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ENOC: The Service Station of the Future

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United Arab Emirates

CLIMAVER® in the world’s first LEED Platinum Service Station

The ENOC project is outstanding for its scale and its sense of challenge. Indeed, the Service Station of the Future was inaugurated on the site of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, in February of that year, and received LEED platinum certification, making it the first platinum-certified station in the world. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a North American standardization system for high environmental quality buildings, created by the US Green Building Council in 1998.

Sustainability being a major issue that is highlighted by projects of all kinds, the benefits of CLIMAVER® in this area have been a major selling point. Indeed, CLIMAVER® was chosen by ENOC because of its sustainability and acoustic properties, as well as the saving in duct manufacturing and installation time. Also, the robust product documentation Kimmco-Isover was able to provide, such as Environmental Product Declarations, and the low Volatile Organic Compound emissions, were strong arguments in favour of CLIMAVER® for LEED certification.


CLIMAVER® replacing traditional ductwork 

This project has been a great success for the deployment of CLIMAVER® in the region. The ENOC project was initially specified with traditional metal duct systems. Kimmco-Isover was able to convince the various stakeholders of the advantages of CLIMAVER® to modify the specifications by replacing the metal duct systems with CLIMAVER® pre-insulated ducts. It is ENOC's desire to emphasize environmental awareness in this project which naturally led to the choice of CLIMAVER®. Besides green requirements for this project, ENOC service stations have open ceilings; CLIMAVER® had the advantage of being clean and aesthetically appealing.

In total, more than 20,000 m² of CLIMAVER®were installed in all ENOC service stations.


“Negotiations were not easy at first, but the innovative aspect of CLIMAVER® and the documentation we were able to provide for LEED certification really tipped the balance in our favour.”

Sathish Vincent – Product Manager Kimmco-Isover


CLIMAVER®, easy to install

This project would not have been possible without significant technical support and training provided to installers. It required a close collaboration with some 30 contractors working for 100 service stations. These installers were - for the most part - not familiar with the CLIMAVER® solution which was a total break with local installation habits. At the end of the day, most were convinced of the installation benefits offered by CLIMAVER® and the time saved!

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Climaver® in the world's first LEED Platinum Service Station