Employee Village - Amaala, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

CLIMAVER® enters Saudi Arabia’s mega projects

AMAALA is an ultra-luxury tourist destination being developed along Saudi Arabia’s north-western Red Sea coast. Covering 4,000 km², this project is part of the series of ambitious large-scale projects aimed at transforming the country into a leading global economic force.
In the first phase of development AMAALA is focusing on its Triple Bay masterplan, which includes approximately 1,300 rooms across eight hotels. Ultimately, AMAALA will have more than 3,000 rooms across 25 hotels, more than 900 luxury residential villas, as well as high-end retail and restaurants, a yacht club, wellness, and leisure facilities.

A state-of-the-art employee village, at the height of the site

To accommodate the nearly 20,000 employees who will work at AMAALA, a dedicated employee village is being built on the Red Sea coast, approximately 13 km north of the Triple Bay masterplan. The village comprises a range of residences, combined with leisure facilities and amenities, creating a central hub for employees to live, work and relax. The project favoring the latest generation construction materials and solutions, and although completely new in the country and breaking with traditional construction habits, our CLIMAVER® self-supporting duct was chosen for the construction of the HVAC ducts, both for its benefits in terms of installation, and for its sustainability features.


Long-term prescription work that is starting to bear fruit

It all started in 2018, when we started collaborating with Red Sea Global, the owner of several projects including Amaala. We ended up getting approval for CLIMAVER® which we could use for the Amaala project. The specifications were such that it was easy for us to demonstrate to the owner and the SIE Consultants all the advantages offered by the CLIMAVER® solution, whether in terms of installation or in terms of limited environmental footprint.

More than 250 m² of CLIMAVER® installed daily

Installation is a major challenge, due to the gigantic dimensions of the project as well as the ambitious 2030 deadlines. Made up of seven towers, this complex requires approximately 150,000 m² of CLIMAVER®, and the pace of installation is simply remarkable, with 250 to 300 m² completed daily. No surprise then that the choice fell on a system as flexible, lightweight, and quick to install as CLIMAVER®.

A sustainable solution for a project with ambitious sustainability objectives

Located within the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nature Reserve, sustainability is a top priority for AMAALA. Only 5% of the reserve will be dedicated to this development – the rest will be preserved, to protect the diverse ecosystems and local culture of the region. AMAALA will run on 100% renewable energy, have a zero-carbon footprint and will not release any waste into landfills. 
It is therefore only logical that particular attention was paid to environmental aspects in the choice of constructive solutions. Beyond its thermal and acoustic performances which are among the best in its category, CLIMAVER® was attractive thanks to its limited environmental footprint over the entire life cycle: elimination of metal duct, use of high recycled content, airtightness and optimum logistical aspects.

A door opener to other mega-projects

This project is a superb benchmark for CLIMAVER® in the region, proving that it is suitable for large, fast-paced projects and can meet the latest global standards. It also demonstrates that CLIMAVER® is helping to evolve construction techniques and redefine the landscape of HVAC solutions in Saudi Arabia, which can pave the way for other monumental projects in the Middle East.

150 000 m² of CLIMAVER® for the staff village of Amaala