U Protect™ system for fire rated and smoke extraction ducts, now CE-marked

Our Protect range has obtained CE marking as a system of fire rated ventilation and smoke extraction ducts, guaranteeing the tested fire safety performances for 2 hours  but also thermal insulation properties.

CE Mark
The CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and found to comply with EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.

The U Protect fire protection system offers a wide range of solutions to adapt to each project and need. The U Protect fire protection system provides fire resistance for 2 hours (EI120). But it also improves energy efficiency by securing the thermal insulation. The U Protect system is a lightweight but durable and environmentally friendly solution for all types of buildings. U Protect solutions can be easily identified by their black aluminium facing.


 ISOVER U Protect system has been tested according EN 1366-1 covering fire rated duct work and EN 1366-8 covering multi compartment smoke extraction ducts. 

Protect system reaches classification of EI 120 (ve-ho i ↔ o) meaning 2 hours fire resistance for both fire outside duct (Type A) and fire inside duct (Type B) scenarios and orientations vertical and horizontal.  


ETAU Protect Slab 4.0


A European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a document in which the performances of a construction product are assessed in relation to its essential characteristics. This assessment is carried out by a technical assessment body designated for this purpose by the authorities and whose technical competence and independence have been proven. 
In this document, the technical description of the product / system, the specific specifications for its intended use and its characteristics, as well as an informative annex on its installation are provided. 
The Protect system has obtained ETA (European Technical Assessment) certification prepared by the ITeC (Institute of Construction Technology). The European Technical Assessment (ETA) provides a route to CE marking when there is no harmonized European standard. This is particularly important for: 

  • Innovative construction products 

  • Construction products for which the development of a harmonized standard is not an option 

Consequently, with this certification, U Protect strengthens its position as the most complete fire resistant duct solution for fire rated and smoke extraction ductwork.