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Technical Insulation mineral wool materials

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ISOVER has been manufacturing insulation materials for the thermal, acoustic and fire protection of buildings and technical installations since 1937. This accumulation of experience allowed us to become experts in producing glass wool and stone wool as rolls, slabs, pipe sections, crimped or wired mats and loose wool. Although, today's technically advanced products bear little resemblance to their early predecessors.
By committing to a continuous program of product and process innovation and development, today our insulation range offers advanced solutions for the demanding requirements of a wide range of technical markets, from Marine & Offshore to household appliances and thermal solar collectors.

Committed to constant improvement

Never satisfied with our existing solutions, ISOVER's research and development teams are constantly devising, testing and launching new ideas to reach higher standards of performance and safety for customers. This means making each design, insulation material and accessory more efficient, sustainable and robust.

Glass wool insulation

Glass wool, also known as fibreglass, is one of the most effective and sustainable insulation products on the market. The exceptional thermal properties help save energy and therefore reduce emissions. The porous, elastic structure means that glass wool is very good at attenuating noise. Glass wool doesn’t fuel fire or propagate flames either, as it is incombustible by nature

Did you know…?

That our glass-wool products contain as much as 80% recycled content.
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Stone wool insulation

Also known as mineral wool or rock wool, stone wool is made by spinning molten rock and minerals with steel slag. ISOVER stone wool products combine mechanical resistance, moisture resistance, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance, and superior passive fire protection.

Did you know…?

Made from 50% recycled content, our stone wool products have a positive energy & CO2 balance after only 3 months.
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ULTIMATE™ mineral wool insulation

The result of more than 25 years of intense research by ISOVER, this ground-breaking new mineral wool is ideal for fire protection applications. Produced using a patented fiberizing process, it is an efficient, totally shot-free product made of long fine interwoven fibres. This absence of unmelted shots means that ULTIMATE™ combines the performance benefits of advanced glass wool with the high temperature and fire-safe operation abilities of stone wool.

Did you know…?

This high-performance mineral wool offers excellent fire protection properties and is up to 50% lighter when compared to traditional stone-wool solutions.
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