Public Library G.Petkevicaite-Bite in Panevezys

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Public Library in Panevezys

Public Library in Panevezys

ISOVER insulation solutions provide warmth and comfort to the visitors of this library since its renovation in 2006.

The building is located in the old town, in the area of cultural inheritance of Panevezys city. Design solutions in this area are very limited, there are very strict requirements concerning changes of facade of the building. To keep the requirements for the old façade, the insulation of the walls could be made only from inside.

Renovated old building was incorporated with the new annex of the library, therefore there had been much improved the conditions for visitors of the library: the premises had became bigger, at the same time warmth and comfort inside. The building itself was well incorporated in the area of the old town because of well-balanced solutions of renovation. “Harmony of historical inheritance, modern architecture and inside comfort for library visitors”.

This very low energy building featured in the 2007 ISOVER Energy Efficiency Awards.

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