Plane shelter project in Zürich

Key facts


Sound reduction shelter in Zürich during the building phase
Completed shelter construction

Completed shelter construction

ISOVER provided product for the acoustic insulation of a plane shelter in Zürich.

At Zürich Airport Engine check, maintenance and repair are local businesses. The necessary facilities are designed, created and built by Zürich Airport.

During the planing phase, the customer started to estimate the basic acoustical absorption of our mineral wool applied to the new sound enclosure facility.

They then required some airflow resistance data. Eventually, they could finetune their model thanks to real measurements. These measurements were provided by ISOVER on samples with required Airflow resistance .

The customer was really pleased with the results and it did motivate his choice. The performances are critical for the working environment. The enclosure must protect efficiently against high level of noise pollution given that the shelter accomodate working plane reactors.

The designed shelter complies with the technical requirements of sound absoprtion for planes Code E and tiner. It means until a size of a Boeing 747-8 with 68.5 m wingspan. It is therefore suitable for almost all planes maintained directly at Zürich Airport. The shelter is composed of the following elements:

  • pillars free shelter
  • control room
  • gates
  • Deflection element.