Heating plant Neukölln's heat storage tank

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Neukölln storage tank
Neukölln storage tank

Neukölln storage tank

Neukölln storage tank

Neukölln storage tank

ISOVER insulated heating plant Neukölln's heat storage tank with ULTIMATE.
With ULTIMATE, ISOVER delivers district heating plant Neukölln AG and provides an optimal solution for the conversion of an oil tank into a heat storage tank. ULTIMATE properties make an efficient and fast installation possible which ensure profitability of the whole project.
Neukölln district heating plant supplies more than 36,000 households as well as public facilities and installations. To be eligible, ISOVER solution had to reach losses of less than 15 W/m². With a diameter of 26 m and a height of more than 22 m, the use of stone wool products would have implied huge investment costs.

Searching for an alternative, the insulation company has selected ULTIMATE Filz U TECH Roll 2.0 (AS) Si. This ULTIMATE roll is characterised by low thermal conductivity when compared to traditional products. It means the same thermal performances with a reduced insulation thickness of two to three layers instead of three to five.
Last but not least, ISOVER ULTIMATE roll fulfills AS-quality requirements, which reduces stress cracking corrosion, and its water repellant properties provides security against moisture during the installation.