Heat accumulator of Großkrotzenburg

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Großkrotzenburg heat accumulator

Großkrotzenburg heat accumulator

Großkrotzenburg heat accumulator

Großkrotzenburg heat accumulator 2

ISOVER supplied the municipal utilities of Großkrotzenburg with its high performant ULTIMATE insulation products in the last quarter of 2014, taking part to the global saving and ecological strategy of the city. Thanks to its technical and easy-handling properties, ULTIMATE convinced all the actors of the project.
Owing to the global German policy on environmental protection and energy savings, the municipal utilities of Großkrotzenburg had to build a new heat accumulator to support the existing district heating, and could receive an appropriation from the state if they fulfill the BAfA requirement according the maximum heat loss of 15 W/ m². Among these, avoiding losses of energy, which means for them insulating with a thickness between 300 and 500mm, is crucial.

Looking at the tank dimensions (12 m by 25 m), using traditional mineralwool would have meant installing several lamella mats, so a difficult work and a very high cost.
The ISOVER product U TECH Roll 2.0 AS (Si) appeared to be the perfect solution, with an impressive low conductivity and thanks to this a lower needed thickness. This product is furthermore available up to 260 mm thickness, which allows to reduce the number of layers up to 3, a big economic advantage in installation costs. It also answered all safety, corrosions requirements, fire and humidity protection needed by the client.

The company working on the project, INTERiNG GmbH, from Leuna, as well as the municipal utilities of Großkrotzenburg were convinced by the quality of the product, its soft touch, its light weight and easy handling advantages. The project was successfully finished on time.