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Thermal solar collectors provide heat in a clean, sustainable, and economic way using the sun’s radiation. Adding the efficient insulation reduces thermal losses to optimise the energy efficiency of the panels. Let’s look at how U SOLAR insulation helped Abora Energy become more efficient.

ABORA ENERGY Zaragoza, Spain

Founded in 2017, Abora is a young Spanish company in the field of solar energy that specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing hybrid solar panels. A hybrid solar panel generates electricity and hot water simultaneously using solar energy. It combines two technologies in the same panel : photovoltaics for generating electricity and solar thermal for producing hot water. Abora has developed the world’s most efficient solar panel that can generate the same energy as 5 photovoltaic panels. Hybrid solar panels from Abora are ideal for any application that requires both sanitary hot water and heating such as industries, hospitals, hotels, residences and sports centres.

Their solution draw on the latest technology including high-performance U SOLAR Easyroll

Number of hybrid panels : 160
› Payback: 4.8 years
› Avoided emissions: 84,800 kg CO/year
› Number of hybrid panels : 102
› Payback : 5 years
› Avoided emissions : 86,544 kg CO²/year


Why choose U Solar?

Let’s find out more from Vicente Zárate, Abora Energy’s Director of Operations
  • What are the most important criteria for you when choosing an insulation solution?
    “We are looking for the lowest possible thermal conductivity, and the insulation must withstand temperatures up to 200°C. It is, of course, crucial for us that any product or component we use is not detrimental to health. Insulation materials must have the necessary certifications such as SPF and RAL”.
  • Why did you choose U Solar Easyroll?
    “Because it has the best lambda value among the different solutions identified, and because it comes pre-cut to size.”
  •  What are the main benefits of using solar insulation such as U Solar Easyroll?
    “U SOLAR EASYROLL significantly reduces energy loss and allows us to optimise the efficiency of our solar panels. In addition to that, the product is made with custom dimensions that allow fast assembly on the production line.” 

U Solar Easyroll in a nutshell

  • 65% space gain
  • Transport costs, CO2 emissions, loading & unloading divided by 3
  • 50% lighter versus stone-wool solution
  • Temperatures exceeding 250 °C

What exactly is U Solar insulation?

Our solar panel insulation products are made from ULTIMATE™ mineral wool. Based on a patented fiberizing process and a unique structure, ULTIMATE™ provides outstanding thermal insulation as well as the high temperature stability necessary for installation in solar panels. This RAL-certified material offers the strength of stone wool combined with the low weight and compressibility of glass wool.
  • Best-in-class thermal insulation
  • Stable dimensions for temperatures up to 250°C
  • No fogging (binder outgassing), certified by SPF lab
  • Low densities for light collectors and easy handling on the roof
  • Easy installation: flexibility, EasyRoll concept
  • Optimised logistics with compressed products

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