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Plan shelter acoustic insulation

Plane shelter project in Zürich

At Zürich Airport Engine check, maintenance and repair are local businesses. The necessary facilities are designed, created and built by Zürich Airport.


Hotel Europa in Saint-Moritz

This is the biggest hotel solar installation, which gives full autonomy to Hotel Europa for heating water. ISOVER Germany provided ULTIMATE® solar products for thermal insulation of the collectors produced by SOLTOP.

Thermal Solar Collectors

Guest House in Lausanne

The object of this renovation project, finished in 2001, was the conversion of a house dating from 1894 into a hotel and apartment complex in Lausanne, Switzerland. The hotel accepts 15 guests in the winter and 70 in the summer. 16 residents occupy 6 apartments year round. It was the desire of the owners to conserve the building's original esthetics while at the same time significantly reducing energy consummation. Optimising the working environment for the hotel staff was equally a priority.