• Effective fire protection
  • Effective acoustic insulation
U TECH Roll 4.0 Alu1V1V2

U TECH Roll 4.0 Alu1V1V2

Stone wool insulation for solar application

SW products solar 2

Glass wool product designed for insulation in thermal solar collectors.

Suitable for flat single glazed ventilated collector, with standard or reflective glass, and working temperatures up to 220°C. 

Product Performances & Benefits

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Best Light Transmittance
  • Fast installation


Thermal conductivities

EN 12 667

Temperature °C




λ (W/m•K)

below 0,035

below 0,055

below 0,095

Specific Thermal Capacity

C around 1 kJ/(kg.K).

Maximum Service Temperature (MST)

up to 300°C, with stable dimensions.

Reaction to fire

Non-combustible, fire class A1, in accordance with EN 13 501

Water Vapour Transmission

μ = 1, in accordance with EN 12 086.

Chemical Behaviour

Free of sulfite, chromium and sulphur.


From 30 to 120 mm. Other dimensions (length / width) on request.
Product range
  • GW Solar 2.0
  • GW Solar 2.5
  • GW Solar 3.0
  • GW Solar 3.5

Available unfaced or faced with black glass tissue.

Other information

  • Product tested by official institute (Switzerland): no fogging and no condensate precipitation on the collector glazing.

Quality, Health and environment

  • Biosoluble fibres, 100% recyclable, made entirely with natural raw materials and up to 80% recycled glass.
  • ISOVER glass, stone and ULTIMATE wools with quality marks EUCEB & RAL are free of any classification under the European Regulation (EC) n° 1272/2008 related to the classification, the labelling and the packaging of dangerous substances  and under the German “Gefahrstoffverordnung”

Logistics and use

  • Packaging: Slab or compressed roll.
  • Rolls must be stored inside.