U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X

The ULTIMATE solution for light and flexible wired mats in industry applications
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U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 is a light and flexible alternative to standard industry wired mats. With optimised product weight and high compression ratio at the same time, U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 makes transport, site logistics but also mounting and fixing easier and faster. When installed the product provides permanent standard-plus thermal performance even in tough environments at maximum service temperatures up to 560°C. 

U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 incorporates innovative water-repellent technology to mitigate the risk of corrosion under insulation. It shows very low water absorption values, throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

In addition, the product has a very low chloride content, which also helps prevent corrosion under insulation: it has AS quality (CL- ≤ 10 ppm) for use in contact with austenitic steel structures. On request with stainless steel wire (X) or yellow glass veil facing (V1) and reinforced aluminium facing (Alu1).

Key Benefits

  • Sound absorption
  • Cost effective solution
  • Fast installation
  • Easy handling
  • Fire reaction
  • Improved logistics

Technical Characteristics

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Specific thermal capacity Symbolc UnitkJ/(kg·K) Quantities and declared values1.03 StandardISO 10456
Reaction to fire Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesNon combustible; Euroclass A1 Fire Spread Index = 0; Smoke Development Index < 20 StandardEN 13501-1 ASTM E84
Water behaviour SymbolWS Unitkg/m² Quantities and declared valuesShort term water absorption by partial immersion: WS ≤ 1 kg/m2. Additional water absorption test after 24h pre-heating at 250°C: WS ≤ 0,2 kg/m². StandardEN ISO 29767
Chemical behaviour Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesAS-quality (Leachable Chloride ≤10ppm) Leachable chloride content less than 10 ppm (CL10) Do not contribute to corrosion of stainless steel StandardAGI Q 132 EN 13468 ASTM C795/871
Application field Quantities and declared valuesProduct for use in technical applications, such as big diameter pipes, tanks and vessels, exhaust ducts and stacks or other equipments, with need for: thermal and/or acoustic insulation with high performances especially for light weight constructions StandardEN 14303
Material Quantities and declared valuesULTIMATE mineral wool, faced with a metallic wire mesh With quality marks EUCEB and RAL by the Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e. V., unrisky regarding health according to German decree on dangerous substances, decree on prohibition of chemicals and to regulation EC Nº1272/2008 Note Q StandardCINI 2.2.02
Facing Quantities and declared valuesOn request: Reinforced aluminium facing (Alu1) Yellow glass veil facing (V1) Standard-
Miscellaneous Quantities and declared valuesInsulating material identification number: Designation code : MW-EN 14303-T2-ST(+/250)560-WS1-CL10 StandardAGI Q 132 EN 14303
Quality management Quantities and declared valuesCE-marked according to EN 14303 Quality control according to VDI 2055 ISOVER is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 StandardEN 14303 VDI 2055 EN ISO 9001 EN ISO 14001

Thermal Conductivity

Characteristic Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
CharacteristicThermal conductivity SymbolT Unit[°C] Quantities and declared values10 Quantities and declared values_50 Quantities and declared values__100 Quantities and declared values___200 Quantities and declared values____300 Quantities and declared values_____400 Quantities and declared values______500 Quantities and declared values_______- StandardEN 12667
EN ISO 13787
Symbolλ Unit[W/(m•K)] Quantities and declared values0,033 Quantities and declared values_0,037 Quantities and declared values__0,045 Quantities and declared values___0,063 Quantities and declared values____0,088 Quantities and declared values_____0,122 Quantities and declared values______0,163
CharacteristicThermal behaviour SymbolT Unit[°C] Quantities and declared valuesMaximum service temperature 560 (under 250 Pa)
Maximum service temperature 650
StandardEN 14706

Standard Dimensions

Width b [mm] Length [mm] m2/pack slabs/pack packs/pallet
Width b [mm]600 Length [mm]11,000 m2/pack13.20 slabs/pack18 packs/pallet238
Width b [mm]600 Length [mm]9,500 m2/pack11.40 slabs/pack18 packs/pallet205
Width b [mm]600 Length [mm]7,500 m2/pack9.00 slabs/pack18 packs/pallet162
Width b [mm]600 Length [mm]6,300 m2/pack7.56 slabs/pack18 packs/pallet136
Width b [mm]600 Length [mm]4,700 m2/pack5.64 slabs/pack18 packs/pallet102
Width b [mm]600 Length [mm]4,000 m2/pack4.80 slabs/pack18 packs/pallet86
Width b [mm]600 Length [mm]3,300 m2/pack3.96 slabs/pack18 packs/pallet71
* All dimensions require minimum order quantities / other dimensions on request.
** Under a load of 1,000 Pa.


U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X
U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X
U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X
U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X
U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X
U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X
U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X
U TECH Wired Mat MT 4.0 Alu1/V1/X